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Buy Sell Trade and repair new used old and vintage antique automatic switchblade knives , also sell T-shirts posters magnets mouse pads hoodies hats and tons of other cool switchblade collectibles.   I have made several different limited edition automatic knives over the years with many top automatic knife makers in Italy like Frank Beltrame, AGA Campolin sr., Angelo Campolin jr., Gianni Campolin, Renzo Beltrame, Renzo Pascotto, Armando Beltrame , Superior knives of Italy, Oreste Dibon , Latama co. , . been seller of genuine Hubertus knives since 1998. I  also made bunch cool Italian Stiletto knife t-shirts for men and women like Latama, Coricama, Rosco , 2 different Black Beauty T's , Black Bandit T, Folgore Knives T-shirts and tons of other stuff .  also made bunch Black Beauty T-shirts posters magnets etc for college professer Dan Fuller for his presentation on the Black Beauty Stiletto at college he teaches at Kent University . been facinated with automatic knives since i been 8 when i got my first pocket knife, its  been a lifelong facination with automatic Switchblade knives :) .

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