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I started collecting knives in 2010. Before that I always had knives around, users and stuff I randomly acquired. I'm a US Army Veteran and that is where I started carrying a knife regularly. Prior, I didn't see a need to every day carry one. Somehow the crazy idea in 2010 of building an amazing knife collection has turned into an even crazier idea of becoming a purveyor of fine cutlery. Well here I am, let's see where it goes! 


My goal is to offer great service and interesting knives. 


I'm always looking for knives, single pieces or collections. Please contact me if you have something you think I'd be interested in. I'm also willing to consider trade offers. 


Here's a partial list of stuff I'm especially interested in. 


Dalton, Vero Beach era Microtechs, James Brothers, Miniature & Keychain Switchblades, Imported Switchblades, interesting out of production stuff  

Modern Folders: 

Kershaw limited edition, dealer exclusive, sprint run out of production models. Zero Tolerance limited edition, dealer exclusive, sprint run models 

Traditional Folders: 

Great Eastern Cutlery (including Special Factory Order Brands), Tidioute, Northfield, Northwoods, Scagel, Marbles MSA (Dave Shirley era not the current models) 

Specific GEC models- 25 single blade, 33, 36 easy open, 45 single blade, 46 easy open 

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