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Member Since 04-18-2017

Interests: I love the outdoors. Hiking, Backpacking, Fishing, Sea Kayaking, Photography and I love knives. Their art form, their simplicity, their function and attitude.

Occupation: Knife Junkie

Location: Pacific NW

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Phone: 2069497954

About Me

At Fitzwillies we love the Classic USA made knives both fixed and folding. We buy and sell both. I especially like the 70's and 80's US knives by Browning, S&W, Ithaca Track Knives, Kershaw, Gerber and others that built unique general purpose, survival and hunting knives from a great selection of steels, handle designs, sturdy leather sheaths and sometimes brass accents. It was also a time that Seki, Japan knifemakers became recognized and some quality imports flowed into USA.

I appreciate WWII and Vietnam War knives by Ka-Bar, Camillus, Cattaraugus, Ontario, Hackman and Western. Fitzwillies also buys and sells quality Imports from Germany, Japan, Finland, England, Spain and Brazil.

Since 2009 we have attended over 100 shows as a member of the Washingron Arms Collectors and the Oregon Knife Collectors Association. We have also completed over 900 transaction on-line, through our website, thrift stores, auctions and estate sales.