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I’m a consultant for General Electric now called Fieldcore, and buy and sell knives more as a hobby but has truly become a love and passion of mine. I have a degree in business and really enjoy being my own boss, while having and maintaining a positive reputation in anything I put my name on. B/C in my opinion having a good name is one of the most important aspects to life after God and family. I’m a father and Do all I can to instill all the positive qualities and character in my son that I can. I’ve been burned several times buying fake knives are others that weren’t as described and don’t like the way it feels but used it as a learning experience to not make the same mistake but mostly to know what I’m selling is what I say it is so I don’t make the mistake of doing it to others. I strive to be as honest and transparent in any transitions I’m involved in and If my customer isn’t 100% satisfied will do all that I can to make it right.

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