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31971 A great knife at a good price! Excellent packaging and quick shipping! A really great AAPK seller! Jeffinn 04-04-2019
32323 Great to deal with kennedy knives 04-13-2019
32010 AAA+++ kennedy knives 04-13-2019
32011 Easy Transaction kennedy knives 04-13-2019
31209 Great person so a great seller to buy from. Thanks again Dale. doglegg 04-30-2019
31745 Nice knife. Very good experience with this seller. XX Case XX 06-25-2019
32072 Fast shipping. Knives were exactly as described. Highly recommend. Sharpnshinyknives 07-05-2019
34380 Excellent seller. Knife arrived quickly and a Bible was included with my purchase. Thank you so much! RevolverGuy 07-08-2019
35133 Fast shipping. Item exactly as described. Breeze 07-31-2019
35328 Very nice USA made Schrade. Fast shipper! ken98k 07-31-2019
35100 Fantastic knife for the price. Great service!!!!!!!!!!!!! rmsize 08-01-2019
34944 Excellent transaction - great deal, mint condition as described, great packaging, fast shipping, and a nice little bonus included! Recommended seller! jbcampbell 08-22-2019
35402 Very nice knife it was exactly as described. Thank you very much! Buck49 09-20-2019
32563 mdawk324 09-25-2019
35301 Knife arrived as expected; beautiful, as advertised. dw1276 09-25-2019
34751 5+ Stars! Product shipped/arrived quickly and undamaged. The tool was just as described & pictured (no surprises). Vicki gave me an extremely fair price and the inclusion of a Bible made this a very satisfying experience. I can highly recommend Archway Cutlery and hope to do business with them again soon. Thanks Vicki! JustJohn 10-28-2019
32249 5+ Stars! Please see my Schrade Tough Tool review as this item was purchased and shipped with that one. Great buying experience and no buyer's remorse here. JustJohn 10-28-2019
31841 Very nice EDC knife. Just as described. Thanks.... rcwar56 11-02-2019
35676 excellent dw1276 11-09-2019
34650 Return customer. Everything a seller should be! JustJohn 12-23-2019
40035 Very good and dependable seller. Feast and easy transaction. amendez 01-04-2020
35742 Fast and easy transaction. Knife was exactly what what I wanted ! amendez 01-04-2020
40498 Easy Deal Thanks kennedy knives 01-14-2020
32562 Nice Knife Thanks kennedy knives 01-14-2020
40591 Thanks for the bible nice to see in todays world Busterbrothers 01-23-2020
42775 Super Nice..........Thank You. gmdtmd 05-12-2020
34724 As described, fast shipping and great packing. Thank you see4vette 05-21-2020
45624 Always a great knife for a reasonable price when you're dealing with the Stevens - good folks! Old Hunter 07-09-2020
40915 Knife Condition as stated Excellent transaction. sfparamedic20 07-29-2020
47638 Love the knife, service is great, I highly recommend this seller. rmsize 09-08-2020
40662 good deal kjwaldo 10-20-2020
47653 VERY NICE KNIFE. EXCELLENT DEAL!!! mindheart72 11-01-2020
47460 AWESOME Knife. Great Deal! mindheart72 11-06-2020
31582 Great set of knives! Good transaction! warblerjim 11-23-2020
31691 Fantastic knife! Good deal! warblerjim 11-23-2020
35468 GORGEOUS KNIFE!!! mindheart72 03-15-2021
40663 A+++. Fast shipping. NATEAK47 03-31-2021
46352 EXCELLENT STAG !!! Came fast!! GREAT SELLER!! mindheart72 04-10-2021
40818 Great Deal !! Great Stag !!! EXCELLENT SELLER !!!!! mindheart72 04-10-2021
40511 BEST SELLER !!! mindheart72 04-15-2021
40452 Great Knife. Great Deal. EXCELLENT SELLER !! mindheart72 04-15-2021
32108 Fabulous knife. Came Quick. Great Seller!! mindheart72 04-15-2021
34433 *WOW* !!! How Nice Is This Set? AA++++++ EXCELLENT CONDITION! EXCELLENT DEAL!! mindheart72 04-23-2021
57067 BEAUTIFUL knife. Well Packed. Came Quick. A+++ Seller. mindheart72 05-22-2021
57182 Awesome Sellers Will Buy Again!!!!! franko 05-27-2021
57276 Surprisingly Nice Knife for the money. I don't know how they get it here so fast !!?? mindheart72 05-29-2021
57281 Great Knives. Great Deals. Great PEOPLE !!! mindheart72 05-30-2021
57426 One of my new favorite sellers on the site! WeaselS_16 06-04-2021
57382 GREAT DEAL ! GREAT SELLER. mindheart72 06-05-2021
57458 Great little knife !!!!!!!!!!!!! I recommend this seller !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rmsize 06-07-2021
57505 prompt service and good communication, arrived on time, very well packaged, as described in offering, nice knife majorpain1251 06-11-2021
58434 Great knife. Thanks for the Testament. srm65 06-30-2021
58516 Beautiful knife along with exceptional shipping speed and safely packed. Overall a great experience. mrtnsantos96 07-07-2021
58445 Nice little knife, accurate description of the knife. Shipping was fast and well secured! Super happy with overall experience!! mrtnsantos96 07-07-2021
58683 A++ EXCELLENT knives and Deals from this seller!! Thanks again !!!! mindheart72 07-10-2021
58682 Fabulous knife. EXCELLENT DEAL! mindheart72 07-12-2021
57380 NICE knife! Great price. Thanks Again. mindheart72 07-14-2021
40796 Arrived quickly in condition described great seller actionjackson2855 07-14-2021
58804 WOW!!! What a BEAUTIFUL knife !! Thanks for the GREAT DEAL !! mindheart72 07-16-2021
32210 Great Seller. Thank You Very Much as Well as for the Extra Item.. eddymunster 07-21-2021
58959 great knife and a good deal !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rmsize 09-16-2021
58969 Love the knife. Fast service. rmsize 09-16-2021
34491 thanks for a great knive chadyantis 10-25-2021
64019 CAME in 2 DAYS!! Remarkable SERVICE!! AA+++ SELLER. Thank You. mindheart72 11-30-2021
64045 I do not know how YOUR pkgs get here so fast!! EXCELLENT SELLER AA+++ mindheart72 12-02-2021
64154 I don't know how you get them here so fast!! (2 days) EXCELLENT DEALS!! EXCELLENT SELLER. Thanks. mindheart72 12-09-2021
65148 Fantastic Seller! Great price, knife as described, and very prompt processing. Thank you!!! Knivolf 01-03-2022
65240 EXCELLENT SELLER! Excellent knives!! Excellent Prices!!! mindheart72 01-06-2022
64015 thanks that was fast shipping and nice knife luckydog64 01-12-2022
41682 Knife was exactly as described, great communication and fast shipping. A pleasure, A+ 00p225 02-18-2022
64311 Better than five stars, thanks!! knifeaholic 02-28-2022
68199 AWESOME KNIFE!!! Fabulous Seller ;-} mindheart72 03-08-2022
68545 Gorgeous knife. Unique! Came fast. EXCELLENT SELLER mindheart72 03-17-2022
58917 As described, fast shipping, and a bit of extra niceness! A+++ sonofzorro1 03-25-2022
68856 As described, fast shipping, and a bit of extra niceness! A+++ sonofzorro1 03-25-2022
68749 As described, fast shipping, and a bit of extra niceness! A+++ sonofzorro1 03-25-2022
68541 As described, fast shipping, and a bit of extra niceness! A+++ sonofzorro1 03-25-2022
68914 mindheart72 03-27-2022
68930 mindheart72 03-27-2022
68917 mindheart72 03-27-2022
69262 As described/Fast shipping/Excellent seller!!!!! gmr777 03-30-2022
69235 great little project knife, GOOD DEAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! rmsize 03-30-2022
69225 mindheart72 04-02-2022
68820 Excellent deal. EXPERTLY packaged! Thanks. mindheart72 04-29-2022
71787 Great old knife, thanks. mindheart72 06-10-2022
71785 Thank you. -K. Quietman 06-11-2022

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