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Interests: Knives, knives, knives, swords,history, military history, and daily becoming a better human being.

Occupation: Retired: used to say, No such thing as retired, but now I am truly retired, just gives me more time for my passion, Knives!! 3FingerMac

Location: Tishomingo,Ms

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It's truly a pleasure getting to deal with both so many fine makers AND their counterparts, the consumers whose patronage allows them to make a living while doing something they love. And I believe you.. the customers will be able to see what each maker puts into each piece. There are much easier ways to make a living...I don't know a single one whose in it strictly for the money. Most view it as an art form now..but it's still a knife and a tool. Without function a tool is useless. So maybe functional art for sure. 3fingermac

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