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Member Since 10-31-2017

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Phone: 3605823065

About Me

This is my first "store front" so pardon the newbie issues for a while.  I have been doing leather projects for friends and myself for a while, but just got serious about 6 mos. ago.  Everything is hand made per your specific need.  I will begin working on accepted orders with 1/3 down, balance on completion...IF you are satisfied.  Once WE understand the project, I will provide an estimate, and it will not vary by more (or less) that 5%.   If you are not 100% happy, your money will be refunded on return of the item, no questions.

I believe in good communication.  It is key that both of us know exactly what the goal is, so details are very important before the start of any build.  The more questions asked in the begining, the less surprises!

I work alone in my small shop.  I say that to make sure the customer knows I can't (won't) rush anything.  First come thing.  I can try to give an approximate completion date, but understand that can change.  

Most builds will require that I have the item (ie, knife, axe, etc) to begin. 

Email me at : or text message with any questions, comments, or advice

Looking forward to hearing from you!


PS.....this profile may be updated periodically as needed.