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Member Since 07-30-2017

Interests: Spending time with family, camping, hunting, and collecting knives, sharing that passion with my children.

Occupation: First and foremost, being a Mom. Secondly, a nurse at a home for retirees, veterans, and those with a disability. Online salesperson of knives and household items.

Location: West Haven, CT.

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Phone: 2037155494

About Me

We have a 3 generation history here in America of farming, outdoor living, hunting and hiking/camping. We have been buying, selling, trading, making, and collecting knives and bladed instruments since I can remember. It is a love and hobby the whole family has always shared and enjoyed. We, I, hope to bring a large variety of new and mostly vintage knives, that we find at estate sales and markets everywhere we go, to the members here for a fair price. To share in this great thing called knife collecting.