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Interests: Knives. History, especially WW1 history, Biblical history, current events. Dogs, I have a pack of 3 dogs, all rescued. Missions, especially Global Servants and preventing child sex trafficiking.

Occupation: Financial Advisor for 26 years, manage a book of business of 150 million. I am also an ordained minister. Pastored for 28 years. Retired from ministry and retired 2019 from the financial services.

Location: Indiana

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Phone: 765-969-0307

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I am a retired finacial advisor and a retired pastor.  Collecting has been a hobby of mine for decades.  About 10 years ago I bought a 400+ collection of knives from a client's estate.  That was what moved me from just collecting to selling and buying.  I sell from my personal collection and more recent acquisitions that I pick up here and there.  I am still looking for more collections to buy all the time.  I inspect all my knives.  I clean them with Simichrome and oil them and apply REN Wax to keep them in museum quality.  We only ship in boxes, no padded envelopes.  My goal is to provide high quality knives, to help educate other collectors by providing as much information about knives as possible and to provide the best service possible.  Always feel free to contact me by PM, email or cell phone.  Thank you and All the Best.