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Member Since 07-16-2018

Interests: Knives. History, especially WW1 history, Biblical history, current events. Dogs, I have a pack of 3 dogs, all rescued. Missions, especially Global Servants and preventing child sex trafficiking.

Occupation: Financial Advisor for 26 years, manage a book of business of 150 million. I am also an ordained minister. Pastored for 28 years. Retired from ministry and retired 2019 from the financial services.

Location: Indiana

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Phone: 765-969-0307

About Me

I am a long time collector and have moved into retirement.  Buying and selling knives is moving from hobby to my preoccupation. I bought a 400 piece collection a few years ago and had good success selling it on eBay this past year. That was the beginning of Sharpnshinyknives. Now I sell knives from my personal collection. A few come from buying knives right on eBay or from other AAPK members who sell to you low enough to resell and make a little money on them. But most are pieces from my collection. As my collection grows, I sell an equal number of knives to balance out the collection. It’s not my intention to grow a collection for ever. Once I either stop buying knives or look over the collection and can’t find anything that I want to turn lose of, I will keep selling knives.