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Gerber M. Baroni Dive Knife

Gerber M. Baroni Dive Knife
Gerber M. Baroni Dive Knife
Gerber M. Baroni Dive Knife
Gerber M. Baroni Dive Knife
Gerber M. Baroni Dive Knife


BRAND:   Gerber

PATTERN:   Dive Knife

OAL:   8-1/8”

BLADE LENGTH:   3-7/8”

GUARD:   Integral part of the handle.

POMMEL:  The end of the full tang is the pommel, which serves as a shell breaker/hammer.

WEIGHT:   5.4 oz.

HANDLE:  Appears to be Kraton or a similar material.

TANG STAMPS:   No tang stamps knife is marked on the handle and sheath.

SHEATH:   Black Kydex

CONDITION:   Excellent

DAMAGE:   Light scratches on one half of one side.

BLADE WEAR:   Appears to be full. I stropped the fine edge, but I don’t think it had been sharpened previously.

AGE:     U/K


MADE IN:   Italy


ADDITIONAL INFO:   I could find very little information on this knife. It was designed by Moris Baroni, and manufactured in Italy for Gerber. It was designed as a dive knife or a Whitewater rafting knife. It features a double-edged blade; one edge is fine edge and the other is serrated for most of the edge, however the part that is not serrated, it is also not sharpened. From the end of the serrations to the point is not been sharpened like the fine edge has been. The handle is marked Gerber on both sides and the front of the sheath is also marked Gerber. The handle is also marked M. Baroni Design, and it also says Italy. It appears to be a well-designed, well-made and heavy-duty knife. The end as a hole for a lanyard and the end of the tang protrudes about an eighth of an inch from the end of the handle providing a shell-breaker or Hammer type pommel. It took me a little bit of time to figure out the lock, but his is a very positive lock. The blade is seated fully in the sheath, and the lock is engaged I don’t think you could pull it out, I certainly can’t.

It has places to attach two web belts around the sheath to hold the knife firmly.


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