Bulldog Brand

Bulldog Brand knives are high quality affordable knives. Most are imports from Germany, but a few are USA manufactured. The brand originated in 1978 through the efforts of a gentleman named Charlie Dorton. He built a great foundation by bringing extremely high quality knives to market from the Friedrich Olbertz factory located in Solingen Germany.

The brand's evolution is well documented and is generally segmented into generations. Each generation ushered in marked changes that greatly affect collector value. The brand is currently owned by Parker's Knife Collector's Service (PKCS) and knives are no longer made in large quantities.

Great Eastern Cutlery (GEC) has made some fairly recent examples on contract for PKCS using GEC tooling & manufacturing processes.  Most of the knives you will find for sale here will be new old stock or older collectible patterns from past generations.

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