Marbles MSA Congress Knife, Great Stag Handle, USA Made In 2001, Unused

Marbles MSA Congress Knife, Great Stag Handle, USA Made In 2001, Unused
Marbles MSA Congress Knife, Great Stag Handle, USA Made In 2001, Unused
Marbles MSA Congress Knife, Great Stag Handle, USA Made In 2001, Unused

Marbles MSA Congress Knife, Great Stag Handle, USA Made In 2001, Unused. Hard to find Marbles MSA folder from the Dave Shirley days. 

I acquired several 2001 Marbles recently. They came from a large knife collection and have been loved and enjoyed. If you're into these older American made Marbles, here's some of the nicest knives I've found! 

The process in 2001 was for Queen to make the parts minus the handle scales. The parts were assembled in Gladston MI with scales were provided from Dave Shirley, the owner of the company. I've heard he thoughts his scale material and process was superior. I also remember reading that Mike Stewart, the Bark River Knives guy, was involved the first year of production. All the production #'s were low so there's not a lot of these around. 

One other note about Dave Shirley. He was a big William Scagel collector and was the guy behind the Scagel production folders and the original Northwoods folders. His traditional folders were some of the best in that time period.


- Never carried, used or sharpened. Some of the blades have rub marks. There are light scuffs and scratches from handling and storage. I don't see any other condition issues. See the pictures as they represent the condition accurately. 

- Functions great, excellent snap opening and closing on all the blades. Comfortable pull on all blades as well. 

- Handle approximately 4 1/8 inch, main blade approximately 2 1/2 inch, 2 pen blades approximately 1 3/4 inch, clip blade approximately 1 3/4 inch 

- Includes original box and cloth storage pouch. 




SHIPPING: I normally ship using USPS Ground Advantage in a box. I sometimes use USPS Priority for heavier or expensive knives. On orders over $400 I ship with signature required at delivery. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING without contacting me first please!


WANT LIST: I do my best to maintain an inventory of interesting, unique and hard to find knives. I'm always looking for single pieces and collections. My current switchblade focus includes Miniature & Keychain, Vintage Imports from Spain, France & Japan, RPK's, Bullfighters, older Microtechs and some other 90's-2000's American Switchblades and I'm starting to get into pre-ban American switchblades. I also like interesting miniature knives and arms, 1980's Import Balisongs and older Great Eastern Cutlery folders. 


ABOUT: I'm an US Army Veteran that became a big pocket knife user while I was on active duty in Panama. Back then my goto was always a Spyderco since I grew up in Colorado. In 2010 I started collecting knives and in 2021 I decided to go all in and became a dealer. I love the gig however it's a lot of work for a one man show. I spend my days buying, selling and sometimes trading knives. I also travel to knife and gun shows regularly, walking up and down aisle's looking for cool stuff to offer to my customers and the online world. 

I've met a lot of great people along my dealer journey. I've also realised there's a lot of sharks out there in the knife world. The honest ones are fine, it's the dishonest ones that suck. I've been ripped of and scammed many more times as a dealer than I ever was as a collector. I guess it's a volume deal. I'm buying and selling way more knives than I ever did as a collector. 

In my listings I always do my best to give accurate information about the knives I'm selling including what it is and the condition. I take lots of pictures showing as much of the knives as possible and offer video's for all the switchblades and some of the other knives I list. I research sale prices and other available information on all my knives. I also have a great network of other dealers and collectors to get information and opinions from. All that said, I still make mistakes so please let me know if something I say is innacurate or misleading. 



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