Super Knife Dual Action Switchblade, Original Box, Unused #2

Super Knife Dual Action Switchblade, Original Box, Unused #2
Super Knife Dual Action Switchblade, Original Box, Unused #2
Super Knife Dual Action Switchblade, Original Box, Unused #2
Super Knife Dual Action Switchblade, Original Box, Unused #2

Super Knife Dual Action Switchblade, Original Box, Unused #2. Interesting knife that opens manually with the thumb stud or automatically with the hidden button. It has a backlock to release the blade when open. This is a new old stock knife and has been stored in the box for years. 




- Has never been used. It does have signs of poor handling and storage with scuffs on the handle, clip and blade. The blade is slightly off center when closed. I don't see any other condition issues. See the pictures as they represent the condition accurately. 

- Fires strong and locks up with a little bit of play. Backlock release to close the blade. 

- 8 inch total length with 3.25 inch blade. 

- Knife with original box and baggie. 




SHIPPING: I normally ship using USPS Ground Advantage in a box. I sometimes use USPS Priority for heavier or expensive knives. On orders over $400 I ship with signature required at delivery. NO INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING without contacting me first please!


WANT LIST: I do my best to maintain an inventory of interesting, unique and hard to find knives. I'm always looking for single pieces and collections. My current switchblade focus includes Miniature & Keychain, Vintage Imports from Spain, France & Japan, RPK's, Rizzuto's, older Microtechs and some other 90's-2000's American Switchblades and I'm starting to get into pre-ban American switchblades. I also like interesting miniature knives and arms, 1980's Import Balisongs and older Great Eastern Cutlery folders. 


ABOUT: I'm an US Army Veteran that became a big pocket knife user while I was on active duty in Panama. Back then my goto was always a Spyderco since I grew up in Colorado. In 2010 I started collecting knives and in 2021 I decided to go all in and became a dealer. I love the gig however it's a lot of work for a one man show. I spend my days buying, selling and sometimes trading knives. I also travel to knife and gun shows regularly, walking up and down aisle's looking for cool stuff to offer to my customers and the online world. 

I've met a lot of great people along my dealer journey. I've also realised there's a lot of sharks out there in the knife world. The honest ones are fine, it's the dishonest ones that suck. I've been ripped of and scammed many more times as a dealer than I ever was as a collector. I guess it's a volume deal. I'm buying and selling way more knives than I ever did as a collector. 

In my listings I always do my best to give accurate information about the knives I'm selling including what it is and the condition. I take lots of pictures showing as much of the knives as possible and offer video's for all the switchblades and some of the other knives I list. I research sale prices and other available information on all my knives. I also have a great network of other dealers and collectors to get information and opinions from. All that said, I still make mistakes so please let me know if something I say is innacurate or misleading. 



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