Chinese Cleaver

Chinese Cleaver
Chinese Cleaver
Chinese Cleaver
Chinese Cleaver


Chinese Cleaver



PATTERN:  Chinese cleaver   

BLADE ETCH:   MADE IN CHINA, bunch of Chinese characters , a picture that I assumed to be a trademark which looks like a bridge and the numeral 2 .

OAL:  12-1/2”  

BLADE LENGTH:   8-1/4”

BLADE WIDTH:   3-1/2” to 3-3/4” at heel of blade           

HANDLE:   Wood

CONDITION:   Very Good

DAMAGE:   Some pitting in the carbon steel blade and a split in the wooden handle


MADE IN:   China


ADDITIONAL INFO:     In the 1980s when I managed a cutlery store we would often get requests for Chinese cleavers. A lot of these request came from  immigrants and refugees from Southeast Asia who were starting restaurants. The cutlery industry was not geared to manufacture cleavers of this design so most of the ones they got were from Asia and I've even seen some pretty nice handmade ones.


I picked this one up a few years ago at a knife show, but I don't cook enough to use a special tool like this one. My wife doesn't want it either. It is sharp and I believe it is a good piece of steel. I have used it two or three times to chop vegetables but that is  not even a challenge for this type of cleaver.

I knew a couple of brothers from Vietnam who started a small  take-out Wok restaurant in the mall near the cutlery store. They were amazing to watch cooking and prepping. When they were prepping food to be cooked in the wok, you could hardly see the blade, it was one nonstop blur whether they were chopping carrots, onions, cabbage, pork or chicken. They even chopped through chicken bones with their cleaver with no damage that I ever saw to the edge.


I know there are some people here love to try different types of cooking utensils for their own cooking use. This is for the person who needs a good Chinese cleaver!


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