Barteaux & Sons D-Guard Machete

Barteaux & Sons D-Guard Machete
Barteaux & Sons D-Guard Machete
Barteaux & Sons D-Guard Machete
Barteaux & Sons D-Guard Machete
Barteaux & Sons D-Guard Machete


Barteaux & Sons D-Guard Machete


BRAND:    Barteaux & Sons

MAKER:   Barteaux & Sons

PATTERN:   Tanto Point Machete

OAL:   24"


GUARD:   D-Guard

HANDLE:   Composite


SHEATH:   Factory sheath

CONDITION:   Excellent

DAMAGE:   Light use and wear marks – see pictures

BLADE WEAR:   Appears full but has been sharpened.




ADDITIONAL INFO:     I don't so much about the history of Barteaux and sons even though I have tried to research them. I have found very little information. One interesting story I did hear was that Frank Barteaux used to hang around and David Z Murphy's shop and when David would throw out his grinding belts Frank would salvage them and use them for grinding machetes. I cannot swear to the validity of that story, it's just one of the stories I heard in the knife industry around Portland. In a way I suppose that does make sense, the steel that Murphy use was much harder than the steel that someone would make a machete from. A machete would be brittle if it was too hard, so they probably use something like 1080 carbon steel which would be much easier on the belts when it was heat treated than 1095 would be. In 2018 I found that the Barteaux & Sons website was no longer functional, however it had a Facebook page that was still functioning but as of now, September 1, 2020 the Facebook page is no longer available.

On the Facebook page I found in 2018 there was an announcement dated 2015, that Barteaux and Sons was going out of business and that they were selling off the remaining stock of machetes. Also I did some poking around eBay, there was a vendor called Barteaux that was first activated September 2014 and has not had a sale in more than a year. The last dated sale I could find was November 2015, so it appears perhaps they set the eBay account up to blow out some of the remaining stock.

I try to do good research when I post a knife for sale, especially if it's not a common brand. Despite the fact that I'm only about 50 miles from Portland there's not much I can find out about Barteaux at this point in time. Next time I get a chance to talk to Bernard Levine or Dennis Ellingsen hopefully I can get a little more information. These are getting scarce and I have yet to see one in this good condition, even though even though I've seen them sell for more.


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