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Stag Lever Release Swinguard Auto

Stag Lever Release Swinguard Auto
Stag Lever Release Swinguard Auto

Hello folks here is a new one for your consideration , all stainless construction except internal kick spring . 440-C RC 59 hardness prototype lever release swinguard super sharp stout opening knife lever pushes forward blade locks up like a trap , guards are floppy front to rear but being a prototype 1st one its a fantastic knife no side to side in anyway blade or guards . it will probably be the only one made as it was an experiment so if you want it you might want to pick it up not likely to make another one . ariel style reliese is tight an all the knife is built like a tank . if the guards had been perfect i would have priced it at 575. . but as it is it can be yours for 479.95 an i dont much care if it sells at that price one way or another it dont eat . God bless your day in accordence . 8 in oal 3 5/8 blade fighter style the button version of this knife is 595. in dual-action

For Sale By: T bar K Custom Knives (tbark44)

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