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Zenith Draw Knife

 Zenith Draw Knife
 Zenith Draw Knife
 Zenith Draw Knife
 Zenith Draw Knife

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BRAND: Zenith

MAKER:   Made for Marshall Wells Hardware Co.

PATTERN:   draw knife

OAL:   14-1/4” from the center of one handle to the center of the other.

BLADE LENGTH:   9 inches


BLADE STAMPS:   9 is stamped on the left side of the bar above the blade. About in the center of the blade come also on the bar at the top of the blade: ZENITH/M.W.H. CO.

CONDITION:   Excellent

DAMAGE:   Patina in some surface rust. After cleaning a little bit of rust still remains but the edge is very sharp.

BLADE WEAR:   Unknown – I don’t have a picture to tell how large the blade was originally, but I don’t imagine the blade loss is more than 15 to 20%.


MADE IN:   Item not marked but strongly suspect it was made in the USA.


ADDITIONAL INFO:   I almost passed this by as I have two draw knives already and I don’t use them a great deal, but they certainly are handy when you need them and they cut so nicely! I bought this one figuring I would probably sell it and then a buddy of mine saw the Zenith name on it but didn’t know what it signified. I knew immediately because I had some Zenith knives that were very good quality and nicely made pocket knives. Zenith was a brand of Marshall Wells Hardware Co. According to LG4 the Zenith in pocketknives are highly collectible, most of the early ones being made by New York Knife Co. John Goins says Zenith was a trademark used by Marshall Wells Hardware, circa 1894 – 1963. Of course I don’t know who made the draw knife, I only know Marshall Wells Hardware’s reputation for quality products. If you need a good draw knife, or if you collect them, I believe this to be a very good one.


*By Purchasing, The Buyer Confirms It Is Legal For Them Purchase And Own This Knife.


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