Camillus M3 Fighting Knife

Camillus M3 Fighting Knife
Camillus M3 Fighting Knife
Camillus M3 Fighting Knife
Camillus M3 Fighting Knife
Camillus M3 Fighting Knife
Camillus M3 Fighting Knife
Camillus M3 Fighting Knife
Camillus M3 Fighting Knife

MAKER:   Camillus 


BLADE ETCH:   US M3 Camillus

OAL:   11-1/2”

BLADE LENGTH:   6-1/2”

GUARD: Parkerized steel

HANDLE:   Leather ring

TANG STAMPS:   US M3 Camillus (on blade)

SHEATH:   Remanufactured sheath similar to original

CONDITION:   Camillus factory blade completed after the factory closed.

DAMAGE:   There is a ding on the blade that was there when I got the blade after Camillus closed in 2007.





ADDITIONAL INFO:   After the Camillus factory closed in 2007 there was an auction held in which knives that were completed, even those in various stages of incompletion were auctioned off. There were certain entities that purchase these knives, many of them unfinished blades and then turn around and sold them, course to make money. Many of those found their way onto eBay and about 10 or 11 years ago there were thousands of Camillus knife blades, in various states of completion being sold to the highest bidder. These blades were usually auctioned in lots of five or six. I purchased a number of those auctions, and probably ended up with 200 or 300 unfinished Camillus blades. Some of the blades were new production and some were older blades that had been setting there for many years. I don’t know historically where this M3 fits on the Camillus timeline, I just know it was one of the blades that I got in the auctions on eBay. The difficult part of finishing the knife correctly is finding the proper handle, guard and pommel. Eventually I found the right pieces to complete this Camillus M3. I do not know whether this handle came from the original Camillus auction or if it was later production perhaps by Ontario Cutlery who is currently making military knives. But this is a Camillus blade, made in their factory in New York. I received it in the condition you see it now, with a high polished finish. I did sharpen the edge but I did not sharpen the faults edge. If the new owner would like it sharpened I will gladly sharpen it free of charge. The sheath is not a US-made sheath; it is a reproduction. I believe the package came and said it was made in India.

The knife itself is a great piece of American cutlery history, priced to sell.


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