Camillus Mark II fighting knife

Camillus Mark II fighting knife
Camillus Mark II fighting knife
Camillus Mark II fighting knife
Camillus Mark II fighting knife
Camillus Mark II fighting knife
Camillus Mark II fighting knife


MAKER:   Camillus 


OAL:   12” 


GUARD:   Steel


HANDLE:   Leather ring

TANG STAMPS:   CAMILLUS (line above & below)/New York/U.S.A.

SHEATH:   Black leather

CONDITION:   Newly assembled from vintage parts.

DAMAGE:   Slight staining and various lights on pile side of blade.

BLADE WEAR:   None, blade was unused blank from the Camillus auction




ADDITIONAL INFO:   After the bankruptcy of Camillus in the bankruptcy auction thousands of Camillus blades were sold on eBay and I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase some. This is one of the nicer finished blanks that came from the factory but I never had a proper factory type handle for it until recently when one came up for sale on eBay. I bought the handle, cleaned the dirt off of the blank and installed the handle. The tang stamp was the one used by Camillus circa 1989 until 2007 when they closed. The handle is a newer style handle, I’m not sure that it was made by Camillus, it may have been made by Ontario Knife Co. It fits this blade beautifully and actually gives a better grip than I have on my 1940s Camillus Mark II.


I love the Mark II pattern, it is the same pattern as the Marine Corps Kabar. During World War II Camillus actually made more of the Mark II fighting knives and Kabar did. It’s just that one of the first batches of the Mark II knives reach the Marines in the Pacific and they immediately fell in love with the knife in the name Kabar, at least in the minds of Marines, is synonymous with the Mark II. No one can argue the service this pattern sought World War II, Korea and Vietnam. I expect it’s probably still being used today where Marines are in harms way.

This pattern makes a great camp knife or a great hunting knife, especially for large game. It’s also heavy enough to use as a light machete. I’ve actually used a Camillus Mark II to chop down brush and blackberries and to split would for a fire, that is until I found out it was one of the first additions made in the 1940s. That one is now tucked away safely out of harm’s way!


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Sale Date: Between 2007 & 2017

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