Al Mar Utility Model III

Al Mar Utility Model III
Al Mar Utility Model III
Al Mar Utility Model III
Al Mar Utility Model III
Al Mar Utility Model III
Al Mar Utility Model III
Al Mar Utility Model III
Al Mar Utility Model III
Al Mar Utility Model III
Al Mar Utility Model III


MAKER:   AL Mar Knives


PATTERN:   Utility Model III


LENGTH (Closed):   4"


BOLSTERS:  Stainless Steel


HANDLES:   Titan Wood


BLADES:   Stainless steel drop point blade


LINERS:   Brass




BLABE ETCH:  AL/MAR with Al’s chop beside his name.


CONDITION:   I would grade this Near Mint


DAMAGE:   Rub marks on the tang and a couple of light scuff marks on the rear bolster. I would attribute this to shop wear.


BLADE WEAR:   Blade appears to be full with factory edge.


SNAP: Like new




MADE IN:   Japan




ADDITIONAL INFO:      There are several interesting things about this series of knives. I bought two of the Model II, back in the early to mid-1980s. It was the first Al Mar knives I ever purchased. My first Al Mar knife was a black micarta Osprey that Al gifted to me circa 1983. I discussed the Model II with Al and he said they were made by the first company ever had to produce his knives. He changed from that company and had Huhey make the knives after that because he felt Huhey gave more attention to detail.


I know the first manufacturer Al used made this series of knives, so I would I believe they would date circa 1979-1981.


I know Al Mar’s office was on Jean Road in Lake Oswego, Oregon, about a half a mile down Jean Road from Kershaw Knives, when I first visited there in 1983 or 1984. The address on the box this knife came in is SW Benfield CT. Lake Oswego, which I believe is earlier than the Jean Road address. There is one other address I known to be associated with Al Mar Knives, which is PO Box 1626, Lake Oswego, OR. I have found the PO Box listed on another box with the same graphics as the red box with this knife and also on warranty cards as the address to mail an Al Mar knife if it should require warranty repair. These same cards were in boxes with knives, which were not manufactured until the later 1980s. My conclusion is the PO Box was used early on for mail and warranties and continued on at least until the latter 1980s. My hypotheses regarding the SW Benfield Ct. address is that it was probably Al’s residential address prior to establishing his office and warehouse on Jean Road. I guess that is only important if you’re trying to figure out the age of the box and the knife that came in it. I do know from what Al told me that these knives were made by his first manufacturer. I have carried a smaller version of this knife for several years off and on since about 1984. I purchased it from a dealer who gave me a good deal on it because it was an old stock discontinued model.


This is a solid knife, weighing 3.3 oz. and it has a retractable lanyard loop.


Definitely an early and difficult to find Al Mar collectible.




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