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Remington Factoy made knife restored

Remington Factoy made knife restored

Hello i found this early remington at a antique store in east Texas originaly had pcs of mop left on it blades were rounded on the tang off one side where springs wore into them one end. file blade someone sharpened along the way but liners an spring was in tact , i put some 50's era bone on it from a old factory batch i aquired many years ago. welded up the tangs on both blades an re-shaped them to original dimentions both blades have good snap open an close also made a silver bale an put on it to mimik the original just to show case the work i can do on old stuff tang stamps are kind of light, an were when i got it I got to great lengths to not disturb them unless absolutly nessasary in cleanning , its a neat little carrieng knife original .070 thou pin sizes . I give 5.00 for it ,I done about 85. worth of work to it , so the price is 95. with first class sh to you or 100. with priority mail thanks for looking ....

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