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Stag Straight razor

Stag Straight razor
Stag Straight razor
Stag Straight razor

Hello Folks , Here is something new at T bar K start with 1/4 in 0-1 hand ground to a .003 thou edge before sharpening , this Razor is Shave Ready . finish is a grey scale color case hardened outside , the hardness level is RC-61 tested 2 times in places under the scale both sides , it shaves like a dream according to Tom Gaylord my friend who writes for firearms news an pyrimid air . aapk member price 395.95 shipped blade grind is machine finished to 1200 grit ,the edge was taken to 10,000 grit an stropped ,comes with a sharpening sleve to install on the rear of the spine while sharpening to maintain edge bevel without scratching spine of the razor , if you want one custom lmk ,the blade is 17/16 tip tapered to 16/16 heel X1/4 in thick

For Sale By: T bar K Custom Knives (tbark44)

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