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Gun Holster,Belt, & Magizane Pouch Rig - PT738,TCP,Keltec,LCP,P238, See Gun List Below

**HOLSTER INFO**  This is a handmade leather holster for small automatics.  This outside the waist band holster (OWB) is equipped with a leather body guard and a heavy duty leather belt loop.  The holsters are great for the ladies.  There are several stamps and designs that can be put on the holster including personalization like initials. Other stain colors, thread colors, and tooling available. Contact for custom designs. This holster can be modified to fit other models just contact for details.  ($39.99 value) GUN NOT INCLUDED.

**CONCEAL CARRY BELT INFO**  This is a handmade leather belt made from two straps of 8/9 oz 100% leather which makes it very sturdy and 1/4" thick. Buyer must provide the size by measuring current belt like the diagram in the posting, see photo (take in account any curves / wear during measuring). Buyer is responsible for correct measurement, no refunds can be given for incorrect measurements. Can order 1", 1-1/2", 1-3/4"- 2" in width. Belts are made from 100% natural leather and may contain natural imperfections. USA made. Other stain colors and tooling avaiable, contact for custom orders.  Click on the stamps / designs category for more tooling. ($79.99 value).

**MAGAZINE POUCH** This is a Custom Leather Magazine Pouch with a Belt Clip.  It is made of 5/6 oz leather, stained, and stitched with black thread.  Several stain colors, thread colors, snake skins, and tooling to choose from.  Can be modified to fit other Calibers of guns contact for custom designs.  ($29.99 value)

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