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I got a real special one for ya here folk's, and it is very scarce being 1 of 425 made with this blade etch in the world !!!

1500 of these were to be made in 1999 for the Fred Trost Pracital Sportsman show to support public television. They sold em back in 99 at the PBS auction for $150.00 !!! They made 1000 of them with the shows logo & Fred's signiture on them. The run concluded with 425 more being made like this one

Dall DeWeese was a world reknown hunter from Canon City, Colorado that often hunted with Teddy Roosevelt. He contacted Webster Marble with what he thought would be the perfect design for a hunting knife, thus the Dall DeWeese pattern was developed. Dall DeWeese was W.L. Marble's 1st attempt to use a well known sportsman of the era to indorse 1 of his knives

These were designed by master knife maker Mike Stewart, when he headed the Marbles knife division. He replicated the Original Dall DeWeese 1907 pattern in the handle, which has the Choil built into the wood slabs and tang. Check out the thickness of the scales, you have great control while using this knife !!! This knife was made right at the Old Marbles Factory !!!

Knife was made in 1999 & is stamped: Marbles, Gladstone, Mich. USA

OAL is 7 1/2" with a 4" blade

Blade is the old Marbles 52/100B High Carbon Ball Bearing Steel that will take on a razor edge. 52/100 steel knives took 3 1st, 1 2nd, and 1 5th finish in the ABS sponsored World Champion cutting contest

Scales are Cocobolo Wood with full exposed tang, and very thick. CoCobolo wood is the 2nd hardest wood in the world, and very durable

I have a brand new really pretty smooth brown leather belt sheath that is pictured and comes with every DeWeese knife purchase !!! Its not a Marbles sheath, but fits the knife well !!!

Comes to ya New in the Old Marbles Bobcat box

When Mike Stewart was at Marbles folk's, they produced some of the best made knives in their storied histoy, and this is 1 of em. He currently runs Bark River Knives here in Michigan

The older Dall DeWeese knives are some of the most sought after by collectors. A Stag one like this from yrs past could fetch upwards of 1000 bucks. And these cocobolo scales on this knife are made identical to the old pattern, in thickness and size

Folk's, its my opinion that for a general purpose camp knife, guttin knife, and boneing knife if you process your own game as I do, you "Can Not" buy a better knife without going into the big buck customs, I put this knife in quality of steel, old 4 pin scales construction ahead of any other knife manufacturer in the USA for this price range

Please Supersize pics on the next page for a close-up look

NOTE: I have several of these knives availiable !!!  The one you get will be identical to this knife, only with a different serial number. The scales vary next to nothing between knives. 29 SOLD TO DATE !!!

For Sale By: Clear Creek Knives (stagman)

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