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The mission of All About Pocket Knives (AAPK) is to become the leading provider of knife related services.  We combine our technological expertise with knife related wisdom and ideas from our fellow collectors and members to create and offer the best, most affordable services available.  At AAPK it’s customer first, and we want our visitors to sense that every visit.

The AAPK project began in March of 2004. The goal was to construct a website aimed at promoting the hobby of knife collecting. We wanted to create an online location where collectors could learn about knives and find specific answers to their questions. Since this time, AAPK has evolved into much more. We now provide more knife related information and services than any other website online, and we continue to regularly add new features.

At AAPK, you can buy knives, sell knives, talk about knives, research knives, and find the value of some of your knives, just to name a few things. If there is something about knives that you can not do here, just email us, and we will make it happen.

Please direct your comments, complaints, suggestions to Bryan Sanders. or visit our forum here and leave a comment or suggestion.

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